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State Representative Julie Emerson is running to be the next Chair of the LAGOP. Last week she released a slickly produced video where she tries to define Democrats and ponders just why Millennials are not supporting her party.

We decided to ask a few… and here is what they had to say…

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Justin DeWitt, Candidate for LA’s 6th Congressional District

In this video, Emerson makes some wild claims.  In doing so, Emerson underestimates the critical thinking of an entire generation of Americans. It is true that Millennials are upset with the status quo of crony capitalism. They came of age as the global economy burned around them, fueled by the fire of Wall Street greed. Since then, the Republican controlled state government has gutted our public school system, let our infrastructure crumble to worst in the nation and all in the name of corporate tax cuts.

Millennials see the damage that the unrestrained crony capitalism of Reaganomics has done to their families and communities. Millennials see that when labor is more freely able to unionize, they are better able to negotiate wages and benefits. They see that when the government is able to stop major corporations from dumping pollution in their communities, their health and quality of life improves. They see that when Americans aren’t burdened by the enormous cost of healthcare, they’re free to spend that money in other segments of the economy. They see that when workers have more money to spend, the entire economy benefits.

Millennials see that there is a better way forward and that Democratic Party has the potential to lead the way.

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Melanie Oubre, Executive Director, Emerge Louisiana

To Rep. Emerson, here are a few reasons Millennials are not Republicans:

1. We don’t believe in taking healthcare away from Americans, including CHILDREN.

2. We believe that Student Loan debt should not have high-interest rates that increase profits of the richest banks in our country while bankrupting YOUR generation, Julie.

3. We believe women should not have to listen to old white men re: what to do with their own damn bodies.

4. We believe in affordable education and healthcare

5. We believe in inclusivity and diversity- something your party has fought against at every turn.

6. We believe people should not be locked up for life because they smoked a joint, or sold one.

7. We acknowledge that institutional racism is real and has held a large portion of our generation back from achieving its potential.


I could go on and on and on. This video is offensive. You are talking about Millennials as if they are stupid and don’t know history. Good luck trying to condescend to us to get our vote.

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Maria Harmon, Co-Director of Step Up Louisiana, Communications Chair of Young Democrats of Louisiana

Julie Emerson made some far reaching claims in her video explaining the history of  progressivism and resistance from the Republican Party. She needs to be careful in doing so because the values of the Republican Party are drastically different in these current times. The Grand Ol’ Party has become a groundswell for fascists and White nationalists. We have a President with an administration that has exhibited hate, lies, racist and misogynistic views. Harriet Tubman surely wouldn’t stand for this, she would be siding with the Democratic Party pushing an agenda that is uplifting all people and breaking down barriers of systemic racism and oppression. With the newly passed tax bill lead by the GOP, there’s not much us millennials can benefit from. There’s nothing appealing about the GOP for today’s youth, we’re far too conscious and aware in our views to accept nonsense. There’s a new day for millennials but not for the GOP.

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Charlie Stephens, President, LA High School Democrats

“Republicans are playing their classic disinformation game with Julie Emerson’s desperate video to recruit new blood into a ever aging party that goes against everything that millenials and high school students across Louisiana stand for.”

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Frederick Bell, Former President, Founding member, LA High School Democrats

“I applaud Rep. Julie Emerson’s attempt to court millennials. Too often we’ve been ignored and rarely have a seat at the table. But the representative’s heavily produced video and poor conflation shouldn’t fool anyone, let alone millennials. “Fresh ideas” should include plans that enable the American people to (1) make a decent wage for the work they do, (2) afford world-class healthcare— regardless of income, (3) not go into debt while trying to earn a high-quality education, and so much more. These are the issues we should all care about. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. That’s the American way.”
Clare Stagg, Indivisible Baton Rouge

I guess what I’d say in response to this video is that it isn’t the case that millennials are progressive because it’s “hipster” to be progressive. Millenials are progressive because we have to be. We’re progressive because wages haven’t risen since our parents were our age, college is unaffordable, and just going to the doctor can wreck our finances. Millennials aren’t progressive because it’s trendy- we’re progressive out of sheer necessity.

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Floyd Tarver, Jr., Nicholls State College Democrats

…echoed President’s John F. Kennedy’s iconic words, stating “If by a Democrat they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties-someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a “Democrat”, then I’m proud to say I’m a “Democrat.”
Trey Caruso, Team LDP

I could only laugh after watching Rep. Emerson’s gross misrepresentation of the Democratic Party and our values. Her message is exactly the reason that Millenials dislike and distrust Republicans: It’s disingenuous and condescending, and it lacks any trace of context or substance. Democrats, especially those of us here in Louisiana, are not radical socialists, and certainly do not subscribe to the radically conservative ideology adhered to by Hitler as her poorly thought-out (and poorly produced) video suggests. Young Democrats in Louisiana are concerned with the health and well-being of our family, friends, and neighbors, and the protection of our coast and environment. We’re concerned with the fiscal  and economic health of our state, and understand that when the poor and middle class succeed, Louisiana prospers.
Matthew Schoenberger, Our Revolution, NOLA

Here are a few reasons why millennials are not Republicans:

1. We believe that Climate Change is a reality caused by human activity.

2. We believe that every American has the right to affordable healthcare.

3. We believe in Government regulations that keep our drinking water clean and the American people safe from hazards.

4. We know that lowering taxes for Corporations will hurt and not help the economy. The Kansas Republican experiment was an economic nightmare, and the United States does not need a repeat performance.

5. We believe that harsh prison sentences for minor drug offenses is a form of oppression and must be changed.

6. We believe that everyone, regardless of their sex, creed, religion, or race should be treated with dignity and respect and that equality must be the law of the land.

7. We believe that $7.25 is a starvation wage.

8. We believe that the Dreamers belong in this Country, because this is their home.

9. We believe that Black Lives Matter.

10. We believe that Women should receive equal pay for equal work.
The Democratic Party is rich in it’s diversity – in fact that is our biggest strength!

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