Louisiana Democratic Party Releases New Video: “Clyde’s Dimes

BATON ROUGE — When Clyde Holloway ran for Public Service Commissioner in 2009, his campaign ads claimed he would not “take a dime” from utility companies, but Commissioner Holloway has picked up more than $80,000 in donations for his congressional campaign from companies and individuals that do business before the commission.

“In 1992 Clyde Holloway lost to Richard Baker in his congressional race largely because of being caught in a lie,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “Well it appears everything old is new again. Holloway chose to make a promise to the voters of his district, and now he wants to go back to Washington, D.C., so desperately that he’s broken that promise. Maybe he thinks the voters won’t remember, but voters never forget hypocrisy.”

A review of Holloway’s Federal Election Commission report filed on Oct. 7 finds at least $81,576 from companies that Holloway current regulates, employees of those companies and attorneys or lobbyists that represent the companies. Among those that donated $5,000 were American Electric Power, Atmos Energy Corporation and Cleco. CenterPoint Energy chipped in $3,500 to Holloway’s campaign, and employees of Entergy contributed a total of $3,000. Holloway’s fellow commissioner, Eric Skrmetta, and Skrmetta’s wife also maxed out to Holloway.

In response to Holloway’s hypocrisy, the Louisiana Democratic Party released a new video, “Clyde’s Dimes,” which recalls the candidate’s 2009 promise to turn down utility company contributions and catalogues the long list of his current donors that transact business before the PSC.