Majority Including At Least 24 House Republicans Now Back Clean Funding Bill To Re-Open Government – But Cassidy Still Supports Indefinite Shutdown

Polls Show Overwhelming Disapproval of Cassidy, GOP Government Shutdown

New Orleans, Louisiana – As Bill Cassidy’s government shutdown continues for the tenth consecutive day, pressure is mounting for Bill Cassidy to finally listen to voters, do what’s right and end the government shutdown of his own making.

But while a majority of the House of Representatives including at least 24 GOP Congressmen have relented, and publically backed a “clean continuing resolution” – the only piece of legislation that would end the government shutdown today – Bill Cassidy remains opposed. Instead he has doubled down, and even blocked votes to get the government back up and running again.

Meanwhile, the consequences of Bill Cassidy’s government shutdown are only getting worse. Just this week the Veterans Benefits Administration warned “that a government shutdown ending in the last two weeks of October could result in delays in Nov. 1 benefits payments, including disability compensation, GI Bill living stipends and dependency and indemnity compensation for survivors.”

Translation: if Bill Cassidy doesn’t help to end the government shutdown he repeatedly voted for, up to 320,000 veterans across Louisiana could be affected by his shameful political calculation.

“Bill Cassidy’s decision to shut down the government in order to block implementing the same health care reforms he tried to pass at the state level only six years ago was a shameful political calculation that is hurting more Louisiana families by the day,” said Campaign for Louisiana Communications Director Andrew Zucker. “Bill Cassidy’s refusal to support a clean funding that bill that ends his government shutdown will soon force a delay in benefits payments, disability compensation and GI Bill living stipends that as many as 320,000 veterans in Louisiana earned from their service to this country.”

Zucker added, “As Bill Cassidy’s reckless actions threaten to delay benefits for up to 320,000 veterans across Louisiana, the time has come for him start listening to voters, do what’s right for Louisiana and end his government shutdown.”


2007: Cassidy Proposed Louisiana “Create a Statewide Health Insurance Exchange” During State Senate Campaign. During his campaign for the State Senate, Cassidy proposed that Louisiana “create a statewide Health Insurance Exchange to lower insurance premiums, decrease administrative costs and allow flexibility in which benefits workers choose.” [Cassidy for State Senate, Website Archive, 2007]

Five Times, Cassidy Voted For Plans That Would Shutdown Government. [HJ Res 59, Vote #478, 9/20/13; CNN, 9/20/13; CNN, 9/29/13; Vote #498, 9/29/13; Vote 502, 9/30/13; Vote 504, 9/30/13; Vote 505, 10/1/13]

Three Times, Cassidy Blocked Clean Vote to Re-Open the Government. [Vote #512, 10/2/13; TPM, 10/2/13; Vote #515, 10/3/13; Vote #517, 10/3/13]

Cassidy Signed A Letter Asking GOP House Leadership Not To Support Any Spending Bill Unless The Affordable Care Act Is Defunded. “U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy joined more than one-third of U.S. House Republicans in urging the leadership to threaten to force a government shutdown unless Obamacare is defunded… The letter that Cassidy signed onto includes 80 of the House’s 233 Republicans and asks the GOP House leadership not to support any spending bill — including a needed continuing resolution to avoid a partial government shutdown after Sept. 30 — unless the Affordable Care Act health care law is defunded.” [The Advocate, 8/25/13]

In 2009, Louisiana Had 17,398 Active Military Personnel And 6,647 Civilian Personnel. [Census, 9/30/11]

Cassidy’s Government Shutdown Could Delay Veterans’ Benefits: Services critical to our veterans, ranging from health and welfare to finance and travel, could be curtailed. “During the 1995-96 shutdowns, more than 400,000 veterans saw their disability benefits and pension claims delayed, while educational benefits were delayed for 170,000 veterans.” [CRS, 4/23/13; Army Times, 2/3/11; Committee on Appropriations, 4/6/11]

According To The Most Recent Estimates, 319,349 Veterans Live In Louisiana. [VA, 9/30/12]