Louisiana Democratic Party Launches New Website: www.RiserforCongress.com

//Louisiana Democratic Party Launches New Website: www.RiserforCongress.com

Website Reveals Riser’s Voting Record, Support of Jindal’s Extreme Agenda

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Democratic Party today launched a new website, www.RiserforCongress.com, that reveals the extreme voting record of state Sen. Neil Riser, who is one of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s most prominent allies in the Legislature and is currently running for Congress in Louisiana’s 5th District.

“Neil Riser has been one of Jindal’s best friends in the Legislature, even voting in favor of the governor’s cruel and heartless vetoes of funding for programs helping people with disabilities and children’s health clinics,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “When Riser had the chance to stand up for the people of Louisiana, he chose instead to stand up for his friend, Governor Jindal.”

The website also features a YouTube video, “The GOPfather,” that highlights the connection between Riser and Jindal, along with quotes from fellow Republicans that question the circumstances behind the special election in the 5th District. For example, state Rep. Jay Morris has said, “It looks like they tried to rig this election.” Public Service Commissioner Clyde Holloway has said, “This thing stinks… I feel like we tried to have an appointed congressman by the governor.”

“The video illustrates what Republicans, Democrats and even independents have noticed about the way Jindal engineered this special election to the advantage of his chosen candidate,” said Handwerk. “Riser will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars raised from Beltway insiders on misleading ads to influence this election, but we believe when the voters of the 5th Congressional District know the truth, they will reject Riser and Jindal’s scheme.”


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