Baton Rouge, LA – Senator John Kennedy’s term expires in 2023. In addition to interviewing highly qualified, big-named candidates to challenge Senator Kennedy, the Louisiana Democratic Party is launching the “Defeat Kennedy Fund.”

On January 6, 2021, Kennedy betrayed his oath of office, undermined our democracy, threatened the peaceful transfer of power, and sought to disenfranchise millions of voters by objecting to the certification of President Biden’s victory. Kennedy dishonored the memory of Officer Brian Sicknick by joining five other seditious Senators in voting to sustain an objection to Arizona’s election results hours after the insurrection claimed the lives of Officer Sicknick and four others. 

Senator Kennedy embodies all the traits his made for TV persona professes to despise. He is a career politician who has bounced from one party to the other over the almost 30 years he’s held public office. He plays a folksy “man of the people” on television but in reality, he is a multi-millionaire educated in elite universities in America and the United Kingdom. The real Senator Kennedy comes into focus when you examine his voting record.

Senator Kennedy has consistently failed the people of Louisiana. He has blocked aid for working families during the pandemic, tried to rob more than 20 million Americans of their healthcare, and all while shelling out billions in tax cuts to the big corporations he pretends to oppose.

“Senator Kennedy has always put his political career before the people of Louisiana, but he took his faux-populist schtick to the next level on January 6th, when he lent credibility to Trump’s seditious lie about the November election. America deserves better. Louisianans deserve better, and the Democratic Party will provide them with a more honest and principled choice that is consistent with Louisiana values. The “Defeat Kennedy” fund will help ensure that the Louisiana Democratic Party has the resources required to win in 2022,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Communications Director Ben Riggs.

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