Today marks David Vitter’s final day of his failing campaign, which has revolved around his defense of his various scandals and his continuation of Bobby Jindal’s disastrous policies.

Vitter has spent millions of dollars defending his pathetic scandals, which include:

He’s also lied repeatedly to Louisianians over whether a Vitter Administration would be a continuation of Jindal’s disastrous policies. We know the truth — Vitter endorsed Jindal three times, gave his administration a passing grade, and said he agrees with “all of [Jindal’s] political values.

“Tomorrow, Louisiana turns the page on David Vitter’s scandals and Bobby Jindal’s failures by electing John Bel Edwards, who will always put Louisiana first. Tomorrow, we elect John Bel Edwards as a Governor who will restore Louisiana’s integrity,” said Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, Chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party.