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Cassidy’s Support of Washington Agenda Hurts Louisiana Seniors

Baton Rouge – Today, a group of Baton Rouge seniors and Medicare supporters gathered outside the Baton Rouge office of Congressman Bill Cassidy to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the signing of Medicare into law and highlight Congressman Cassidy’s support to end Medicare as we know it. Congressman Cassidy has voted to transform Medicare into a voucher system, raise the Medicare eligibility age to 70, and increase costs for seniors by thousands of dollars per year.

“It’s time Congressman Cassidy stops playing politics with seniors’ lives,” said state Rep. Ted James. “Medicare is a promise that our country makes to our older Americans. They contribute a lifetime of hard work, and we take care of their health costs. But the congressman has voted to change it into a voucher system and end the program as we know it.”

Independent media outlets have said the plans Congressman Cassidy support would essentially end Medicare and increase costs for seniors.

“We are here to call on him to stop putting Washington’s priorities over those of our seniors here in Louisiana and stop taking such bad votes,” said Bruce Blaney, a Baton Rouge health care advocate. “Congressman Bill Cassidy would rather increase costs on older Americans and people who are sick, just to provide tax breaks to multi-millionaires and billionaires.”

Along with gutting Medicare, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the budgets Congressman Cassidy has supported also contain hefty tax cuts for only the wealthiest Americans.

Today, July 30, marks the 49th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the historic Medicare law that created the program. The group of seniors in Baton Rouge celebrated the “birthday” of Medicare by presenting Congressman Cassidy’s office with a birthday cake, balloons and Medicare birthday cards.

State Rep. Ted James speaks out against Cassidy's plan to raise the Medicare eligibility age to 70.

State Rep. Ted James speaks out against Cassidy’s plan to raise the Medicare eligibility age to 70.


State Rep. Ted James with Baton Rouge seniors at Congressman Cassidy’s office on 49th anniversary of Medicare.


Baton Rouge seniors sign a “birthday” card for Medicare, which marked its 49th anniversary on July 30.